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Schools or groups with more than 8 people should make a reservation and choose the activities according to the duration (a day or half day) in the following list: visit to the Interpretation Centre of  Vimeiro Battle, pedal car rides (road safety education), environmental workshops (3 R’s policy), traditional games, building nests for birds or traps for fruit pests, building weathervanes, ceramic workshop, visit the rural warehouse, plant species recognition, collaboration in farm tasks, including feeding the animals. 
 Families are welcome at any time to relax in our green areas. However, if you want a guided visit or specific activities, we recommend that you make a booking in advance.

In addition to carefully planned accessibilities, our greenhouse will include an elevated platform with plantations, so that a person in a wheelchair can do planting, picking or simply sense the different species. 

Registration on Guided Walks

Located very close to a place of historical interest, the Interpretation Centre of Vimeiro Battle, Caria pedagogical Farm helds periodically guided walks, with diversified programs that include partnerships with local entities.

Nearby Walks
Start and End Points
PR1 – Dinosaur route
Lourinhã – Forte de Paimogo
PR2 – Atlantic Route
outward: 4H; outward and return: 8H
Praia de Porto Novo or Santa Cruz or Praia Azul
PR3 – Vimeiro Battle Fields Walk
Center of interpretation of Vimeiro Battle – Caria Pedagogical Farm
Beach Night Walk
Porto Novo – Santa Rita – Santa Cruz
Valleys and Mountains’ Walk
Vimeiro – Barreirinha + Wine and cheese tasting + regional pastry in the farm
Faith walk – local Churches route
Vimeiro (CIBV), Maceira, A dos Cunhados + Wine and cheese tasting


More info (pdf):

Dinosaur Route

Atlantic Route

Vimeiro Battle Fields Walk


The company is registered in Tourism Portuguese Office (RNAAT), with the number 260/2013 and owns Civil Liability insurance (No. 095/00233193) and Personal Accident (No. 027/00014623).


More information on upcoming events and workshops here.

• Waste composting

• Aromatic and medicinal plants

•  Renewable energy

• The Earth Charter

•  Sustainable cuisine

• Organic farming

• … and many more!