The Farm

About Us

Caria Pedagogical Farm

Determined to embrace rural living and to combine experience in education, tourism and service sector, our team fostered the idea of providing a space which is environmentally- and human-friendly.

We love nature, and because we once experienced agricultural practices, we decided to start up Caria Pedagogical Farm, an ideal spot for those who look for a healthy lifestyle.

Mission and Values

Educate, Admire & Taste

We believe it is increasingly important to protect biodiversity, sustainable ecosystems, and to preserve the intangible cultural heritage around us. Therefore, sharing knowledge and skills is fundamental in our activities. Our target audience spans from children and families, including people with reduced mobility or disability, to tourists and general public.


While restoring this rural space, we prioritized sustainable practices, namely using renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials such as wood.

Here, educating or learning are not an obligation but rather a remarkable experience.


In the modern days, we often have a frenetic daily routine which does not leave space for enjoying life’s little treasures. Hence, one objective of this project is to help visitors slowing down and experiencing nature, but also to get them close to organic agriculture and to fresh food we consume in our daily life.

We value the heritage present nearby, whether intangible, natural or historic buildings, and we want to share it with you with guided walks or tours.


You do not need to break a healthy diet to experience Portuguese goodies. Based on fruits and vegetables, the Mediterranean diet has been awarded as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Thus, we want to share with you a few gastronomy secrets from the West, such as bread, cheese or wine.